We aim to grow the QKS MAT and to welcome further Schools into our family.




To ensure that all schools in the QKS MAT provide an outstanding education for every child.



1.       The QKS MAT will work with Trust school members to endeavour to ensure all students achieve the best possible outcomes, and that the schools provide the best educational experience possible based on our embedded values of Respect, Include, Collaborate, Achieve and Integrity.

2.       The QKS MAT will work closely with schools to help them make an informed choice of sponsor, in the hope that our Trust will be the sponsor of choice.

3.       The QKS MAT will consider fully the membership of each additional school, assessing whether the QKS MAT can provide the support necessary to effect that school’s improvement, whilst not being detrimental to any other MAT School.

4.       The QKS MAT will maximise the autonomy of the MAT school member’s internal management and Headteacher by establishing a Local Governing Body - unless to do so would be detrimental to the staff and students in the school.


5.       Before a decision on QKS MAT membership is made, a full and appropriate due diligence exercise will be undertaken to assess the potential risk to the QKS MAT or any existing QKS MAT School.


6.       Decisions on membership of the QKS MAT can only be taken at a fully convened QKS MAT Board meeting.



Approaches by individual schools to join the QKS MAT will be subject to an assessment of compatibility with the aims, principles and objectives of the QKS MAT; as well as detailed consideration of the criteria set out below:

1.       What are the specific benefits to be gained by the QKS MAT Board, existing MAT schools, and by the school expressing an interest to join.

2.       Whether economies of scale and joint working, administration etc. can be established.

3.       Whether, if a catchment school expressed an interest in joining the Trust, additional benefits from both transition and recruitment opportunities apply.

4.       Whether membership enhances the reputation of the QKS MAT and one (or more) of its schools in the local community.

5.       Whether previous links relating to school improvement or existing loyalties apply.