Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission:

“A bright and fulfilling future: dream; aspire; achieve”


Our Values:
  • We believe our schools should be inclusive and welcoming to all students, staff and parents. 

  • We believe in developing opportunities for every student, at every level and encouraging students’ passion for learning, development of skills and future life aspirations.

  • We believe in and teach a culture of respect in our Trust, between students, staff, parents and the wider community. 

  • We believe resilience, confidence and integrity are core values which will equip all students for life.

  • We respect the distinctiveness of our schools, while encouraging collaboration to share best practices. 


Our Vision:

In five years’ time –

  1. All our schools will provide an inspiring education in a caring and inclusive environment, equipping their students with the resilience and confidence to succeed in life and will be the school of choice within their community. 

  2. All our schools will deliver a wide range of learning opportunities within a broad and balanced curriculum, embracing new and effective ways of teaching and learning, using new technology where advantageous.

  3. All our schools will collaborate whilst retaining their individual distinctive character, learning together, sharing best practice, skills and expertise. 

  4. The MAT will have grown to at least eight schools and be financially robust, delivering value for money to its member schools.

  5. All our schools will be committed to the journey of becoming environmentally sustainable and carbon neutral. 

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